You have to grab their attention – HELLO!

The problem is the same for all of us, how do I get more business in my brick and mortar store?

It’s not easy, especially if you have a less than desirable location (i.e. the back hidden corner of a strip mall).

So let’s get wise and grab peoples attention with some very easy to see, big signs, that described what you offer and where to go.

Street signs (A-frame style) can be placed on the sidewalk with special offers or menus, and create an easy to see marketing piece that people will respond to if it is something they are interested in.

Flags are my next recommendation. Advertising flag like feather flags, create instant “POP” for passersby and passing traffic. You can stake them into the ground or get a cross base with a sandbag to place it on a sidewalk.

When designing these pieces, KEEP IT SIMPLE. don’t place lines and lines of text, don’t place a hundred pictures on it. Create something that works, simple works. If you run a pizza shop, write PIZZA on the design with some Italian colors and bam! Same goes for any type of business, 1-3 words, a picture, and color.

If you not great at designing, check out our premade designs or if you need something custom get in touch with our graphics team.

Start off with these simple additions and watch interest peak for your business.

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