10 Ways to Advertise Your Business For Free!

At some point many small business owners are left with no or a small amount of capital to promote their business.  But many entrepreneurs utilize these free or low budget yet effective tactics to promote their business online and offline. As much as social media advertising has grown, good old direct mail and flyers still bring in the clientele and sometimes with better conversion to your ROI.

  • Print out flyers or business cards and take them to your local stores, banks, beauty shops etc.
  • Word of mouth never fails, so tell your friends to tell their friends.
  • Make a cookie, candy or fruit basket and take it to your local store with your business cards.
  • Exchange links with other sites.
  • Post your brochures business cards at your local bulletin board.
  • At a restaurant when tipping include your card.
  • Send a press release to your local newspaper.
  • Submit your site to search engines and directories.
  • Give out free samples, promotional products, e-books etc.
  • Write articles for others to use on their website and newsletter include your web site URL and a brief description of your services/products.

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